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With the air of 'Lady', the spa town of Evia is not only the elderly, but is directed to all those who are or feel young. Radically revamped, offering superior service and a smile for everyone.

Aidipsos addresses the younger audience, those seeking a trip to relax, shaken off the stress and rejuvenate (not only to treat a medical problem). You can swim at the sandy beach of Aidipsos with the hot springs running from the rock or go to the beach of Agios Nikolaos (just 1 km from Town) with crystal clear waters and fine sand. Here, in the seaside taverns, you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood.


Back for rest and what better than a relaxing hydromassage, in our modern SPA facilities. In the afternoon, feeling refreshed, you can walk along the road (like many famous people in the past, such as Winston Churchill, Aristotle Onassis and Greta Garbo).

Admire the impressive old buildings (some restored and others left in time), testifying to the glory of the past ... Visit the "Nautilus" Museum of Marine Life, which enchants with the collection of strange shells, corals and fossils. Listen to the people explaining their importance in architecture and how man copied nature. A rare collection of 3,000 artifacts from around the world.

At the end of the stride there is the Little House of Aidipsos, an old institution that operates as a contemporary step Speaking for retirees and aspiring politician.

Aidipsos03Relax in one of the stylish cafe by the sea, sipping your coffee or enjoying delicious donuts for which Aidipsos is famous of. As night falls, Aidipsos, puts on her evening dress and lives out loud! You will explore the bars playing special music and offering cool cocktails and you will have fun until the early morning hours.


Αιδηψός - Aidipsos